James Harvey – Under investigation from University Wales Trinity Saint David

Readers will recall our posts earlier this year regarding a certain James Harvey, a new figure in the motley ranks of those knuckledragging hatemongers at the so called ‘Voice of Wales’. Pleased to report then that our efforts seem to have born fruit with Harvey now under investigation by the authorities at University Wales Trinity Saint David (where Harvey is a student).
The attached pic includes screenshots of Harvey’s recent rantings on telegram and suggest Harvey isn’t best pleased that we have brought his appalling activities to wider scrutiny. Activities which can be seen in this video here https://www.facebook.com/FRWWales/videos/1207390309892071 (harvey appears 1 min 27 seconds in) and which have included promoting holocaust denial, white supremacism, peddling anti-semitic conspiracy tropes and likening people in Cardiff of somalian origins to apes.
In keeping with the british far right’s current insidious efforts to whip up hatred towards the trans community Harvey has also recenly taken to descending on shops in Cardiff and scouring them for items that offend the far right’s transphobic ‘sensibilities’ (with these revolting exploits filmed and uploaded to Harvey’s twitter for his cerebrally challenged cronies ‘enjoyment’).
One such Harvey crony hails from riverside in Cardiff in the shape of Hugh Thorne aka ‘Based Welshman’ on youtube and various online platforms used by the extreme right. Indeed Thorne has frequently acted as ‘cameraman’ when Harvey has been harrassing and intimdating retail workers in Cardiff.
We first brought Thorne to peoples attention in this facebook post 4 years ago https://www.facebook.com/FRWWales/posts/580193245828960 . Thorne has regularly participated (and filmed) efforts by british far right groups to intimidate and terrorise asylum seekers in places like Dover and West Wales and has travelled to Europe to attend events organised by neo fascists in europe.
While Harvey also operates the deranged and hopelessly misnamed ‘Students against Tyranny’ twitter account. Before linking up with VoW he was behind covid denying stunts in Cardiff and Swansea.
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